by Theresa S. Samaniego

The Philippine Daily Inquirer Saturday, January 1, 2000

EACH FAMILY has its own sweet story to tell.


But for many homeowners at Light Residences, a mixed-use condominium project by SM Development Corp., a common denominator binds all these stories in a single tale that centers on providing family members that much sought comfort and convenience in today's fast-paced world.


For the families of Ret. General Francis Llamas and wife Dolly; Carine Espina and sons; and Melvin Joseph Manuel, the choice to live at Light Residences was driven by the fact that SMDC was able to provide practically everything within reach, whether for work, school, or leisure, and has also made it possible for these families to relax, rejuvenate, and unwind despite living in the middle of an urban jungle.


This has thus made Light Residences a practical choice and wise investment for these discerning, and hardworking individuals.


A three-tower project, the Light Residences is strategically located at Madison St. cor. Edsa and conveniently linked to the Boni-Edsa MRT Station. It boasts of five-star amenities, its own mall, and is deemed perfect for people on the go.


When asked about their experience at Light Residences, owners Llamas, Espina and Manuel happily shared why they chose this SMDC project, whether as a home, an investment or a gift.

It was a dream come true for Melvin, when he finally got his own unit at the SMDC Light Residences. Having lived in Mandaluyong City since 1983, Melvin knew all to well how strategic the location of the Light Residences along Edsa is.


Come December 2009, Melvin noticed and SMDC signage along the perimeter of the lot, and thought along the perimeter of the lot, and thought to himself that this could be another one of SMDC's premium condominium developments.


"That was when I started looking for an account executive of SMDC. Luckily, my aunt, who got a unit at Light Residences gave me the contact number of her agent. You see, I really wanted to live in this lot, in this area," he shared.


Melvin admitted that he considered renting out his unit, but he quickly changed his mind when the unit was turned over in January 2014.


"I love the feeling of living in it. So I told myself, I'm not going to rent it out. I would love to stay here. Also, the location of Light Residences is perfect for me. Being in Mandaluyong means that we are at the center of Metro Manila. At Light Residences, everybody can just come by easily and there's no hassle in terms of accessibility," Melvin said.


"Add to that is the fact that I travel a lot and thus, I need to go to the airport most of the time. And with all the flooding in Metro Manila, the ease of commute and convenience of travel were among my biggest concerns. Now I'm confident that even if it rains, I'll still be able to get to the airport without any glitches," he added. For Melvin, another bonus is the view as he has Antipolo and Laguna Lake as his backdrop, enabling him to fully enjoy, relax and destress in his unit after battling it out in the concrete jungle.


"Light Residences has become my sanctuary. The Light Mall downstairs and the other features make it a self-sustaining community. With the other condo developments, you would have to drive 5 to 15 minutes just to get to a mall. here, if I need something, I can just go downstairs and everything is within reach,"  Melvin stressed.


Indeed, investing in an SMDC development has so far proven to be one of the most reasonable and intelligent decisions that Melvin has made-a thought readily shared by all his family, friends and colleagues who have seen and have been to his unit.

If you think condo developments are meant mostly to cater to young urban achievers and start up families, then Ret. General Francis Llamas and Mrs. Dolly Torre-Llamas are out to prove you wrong as they are now prod unit owners at Light Residences.


"We fell in love with Light Residences because it's very near everywhere. It's along EDSA and it so happened, that we serve in a nearby church-all the more making it a perfect home for us," Francis said.


"Since we're senior citizens, we opted to downsize as the kids have families of their own. And even if we've already retired, we got a new job in Congress, so we felt this could be a halfway house because we used to travel about two to three hours from Parañaque to Quezon City. So it's the perfect home for us," Dolly added.


According to the  couple, Light Residences has proven to be a wise and practical investment as it has covered everything they need: comfort, convenience, accessibility, and security-things that truly matter, especially for retirees. "We have everything here." Francis claimed.

"For me, the location is really No. 1 consideration and the MRT station is a very unique feature. Imagine that when you go down from your unit, you're connected to an MRT station. The transportation is so accessible that maybe, there would be times where we don't need to drive around because it's easy for us to go from one end to the other," Dolly related.


The couple further commended the various amenities and well thought out facilities that the Light Residences offers.


"We've been to many condos and we've seen a lot. Most of them have lobbies that are really small but this one, it's wide and comfortable. Here we have four swimming pools when usually you would just see one in other condo developments. We also like the gym because now we don't have to go out of our way to go to the gym, or to have a swim. Really, everything that we need to have a relaxing and calming life is here," Dolly shared.


The couple came across the Light Residences development through a classmate in Kansas City who emailed them to check on his property. Satisfied and impressed with what they saw, the couple decided to get a unit for themselves as well. Right now one of the benefits the couple enjoys in living at Light Residences is the easy access to the cinema.


"Since we're senior citizens, we have a privilege for a free movie. The good thing here is we can just go down, and there are three digital cinemas at Light Mall. We've already watched a movie, and it's like a home theater with 75 comfortable seats," Dolly concluded.

"Everything is here. It's the convenience, the location, and having everything in Light Mall which is just below our unit."


It was the perfect surprise that a husband could give to his wife. And for Carine Espina, it was a unit at Light Residences.


Sharing the joy with Carine is her son Rocky who, since they moved to Light Residences, could not stop raving about the comfort and convenience that the said development has afforded them.


"Everything is here. It's the convenience, the location, and having everything just below your unit. It's having a movie house and a hospital for your check-ups just a few steps away from your home. Everything else is just so near, like the MRT which is also just a few steps away," Carine noted.


"It's good living here because we have easy access to Light Mall and then numerous establishments located inside such as fastfood stores like Wendys and Savory. Even the shops, like the supermarket is just a few steps away which means that if you're living here, you don't need to go to any other place.

My Tatay and I just go down, go to the supermarket, buy out stuff and go back up," Rocky added.


Currently, the mother and son tandem has their own favored spots and favorite features of the development, which they say make living in Light Residences truly enjoyable and utterly relaxing.


For Rocky and Carine, those would be the pool and the mall where they can readily watch the first showing of every film they want.


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