Parents always want the best for their kids. They do everything in their power to make their kids comfortable while helping them find their own paths and be who they want to be. No matter what happens, they will be there to provide guidance and support.


Entering college is one of life’s milestones. It is a crucial new chapter that helps kids turn to adults and find their identity along the way. It can be fun, as one finally finds the people who he gets along with,but it can also be exhausting and confusing. This is where parents come in. As kids struggle their way through college, parents are there to guide them and make the journey as convenient for them as possible.


For Elizabeth and Ishihara, providing their kids a home in SMDC’s Sun Residences, which is near the universities and other commercial establishments, is necessary for the kids to have a healthy and fun college life.


Aside from the ideal location, they fin Sun Residences a suitable condominium development as it has a 24-hour security system and well-though of amenities for students like lounges that lead to lap pools where they can relax and unwind after stressful day in school.

For Ishihara, safety and convenience are the top of the list when she was looking for a home for her son near his university. As mother living in another country, Ishihara wanted to make sure that her only son has everything he needs for a happy and hassle-free college life, and that includes a new home close to the university.


 Ishihara lives in Japan and she only visits her son once a month. As soon as Red graduated, they immediately scouted for condo units near UST so she won’t worry about him being stuck in traffic or going home late at night for school projects and social gatherings.


 “We chose to get a unit here because it is near my son’s school. My son enjoys having everything he needs here at Sun Residences,” said Ishihara.


 As a freshman, Red is still adjusting to university life. He shared that Sun Residences is suited for students like him because it has facilities for both studying and relaxing. On afternoons, he goes to the garden at the sixth floor to study and relax after a long day in school.


 Red also shared that the Sun Mall, located at the ground floor of the property, is very helpful especially for those who are just starting to live independently like him. The mall has everything that residents need such as a bookstore, drugstore, supermarket and restaurants.

For almost a year now, Elizabeth Bristol’s family has been living in Sun Residences. They decided to buy a unit here to eliminate the hassle of the long commute from Bulacan, where they originally live, to their daughter’s school.


 Aside from the location, which is near universities and nightlife hotspot Tomas Morato, the family especially liked amenities their daughter Audrey can use for studying and relaxing. “Sun Residences is strategically-located and has the amenities my daughter needs,” shares Elizabeth.


 “My favourite of all the amenities is the pool area. It became my habit to walk along the are at  night to release stress and unwind after a hectic day in school. For studying, I stay at the sixth floor lounge because it’s comfortable and conducive to learning. It’s very quiet and well-lit,” Audrey reveals.


 Elizabeth, meanwhile, enjoys the serene gardens with trails where her family jogs to stay fit. Their second home also provides them a more convenient base whenever they need to attend business in the metro.

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