SMDC sculpting the landscape of EDSA

BY Manila Standard

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A developer of sustainable communities along the metro’s vital thoroughfare.

EDSA is a major arterial thoroughfare in the country. The 54-kilometer road links major Metro Manila cities, business districts, and population centers, and is a vital component of the robust economic life in the metro.

However, as the metro’s population continues to grow, so does the demand for mobility and mass transportation. The themes of urban redevelopment now revolve around building smart and sustainable cities, such as the “15-minute city” model, which puts important infrastructure within walking distance of residences, minimizing the need to commute.

Such are the communities that SM Development Corporation (SMDC) has been developing. A true trailblazer and catalyst for nation-building, SMDC is a pioneer and a prime growth driver in Metro Manila’s modernization, and it is evident in how the developer has been changing the EDSA skyline, one SMDC development at a time.

Sculpting the landscape of EDSA are SMDC’s properties in various key economic corridors. In the Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex, where EDSA begins and ends, lies Sail Residences, S Residences, the Shore Residences complex, Shell Residences, Sea Residences, and SMDC’s first residential-office (RESO) development, Ice Tower RESO.

In Central EDSA, Fame Residences, Light Residences, and Light 2 Residences are redefining the concept of centricity and hyper-connectedness.

In North EDSA, the Grass Residences complex has become a landmark where communities continue to thrive, and soon to be completed right beside the EDSA Kamuning-MRT 3 station is another SMDC development – Glam Residences.

The planned integrated monorail in Pasay will be integrated and interoperable with several transport infrastructures, including LRT-1, MRT-3, and EDSA Busways — allowing ease of travel whether northbound or southbound.

All these developments have enjoyed an increase in property values. Much of this is attributed to the fact that SMDC properties along EDSA are either directly connected or a short distance away from major infrastructure — MRT-3, the LRT-1, and other future transportation hubs such as the Pasay integrated monorail system.

Anchored on their vision of building a nation of homeowners, SMDC, with its many affordable yet masterfully-planned developments along EDSA, has not only helped address the housing backlog, but has uplifted the lives of many Filipinos. Being situated along major thoroughfares and arterial roads, residents of SMDC truly get to enjoy convenience and connectivity in every way possible — be it economic, social, or environmental benefits.

For instance, because SMDC residents can easily go to key places of interest, they are likely to spend time on more important matters like socializing and bonding with their loved ones. After all, mobility not only means lesser time on the road and resource consumption, but stronger ties with the community.

Each SMDC development has swimming pools, pavilions, outdoor lounges, sports facilities, and children’s play areas that help foster socialization and a sense of belongingness in the community. Meanwhile, common areas are equipped with strong and reliable Wi-Fi that enables people to work from home and stay in touch with others online — a feature highly sought-after nowadays, given the growing demand for digital connectivity.

On top of that, SMDC continues to curate an affluent life for its residents with holistic lifestyle offerings. A commercial strip or complex is a standard feature across all SMDC developments, or its communities are built right within the complex of an SM Mall. Well-designed lobbies, right-sized units, and a trusty property management team welcome you home every day. With green open spaces, as well, seamlessly integrated into each development, SMDC communities are able to foster wellness and enhanced work-life balance amidst the demands and chaos of urban living.

A true industry leader, SMDC is resolute in building communities and supporting the growth of EDSA. Its goal is to make a luxurious, sustainable, and future-proof lifestyle accessible across the country. As testament, SMDC was accorded the Southeast Asia Best Developer title at the Dot Property Southeast Asia Awards 2022.

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