Mint Residences: Choice address in bustling Makati

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Mint Residences: Choice address in bustling Makati

Published By: | December 14, 2020

A Makati address is power. A feeling of accomplishment fills anyone who works in this city, much more if they live in it.

To get their foot in the door, many make concessions in the quality of the lives they lead and the homes they retreat to. Belonging means burning the midnight oil, foregoing vital vacations or relationships, and occupying substandard in-city addresses that serve as mere sleeping quarters. This robotic cycle disconnects people from their well-being and their motivations to succeed. Those who notice this cheerless trend, however, are now deciding against it. A wiser market has now emerged, preferring addresses that provide access to a well-balanced life of both hustle and repose.

Emerging ideal

SM Development Corp. (SMDC), sympathizing with that fast-growing base, delivers a new project in Makati: Mint Residences. And without a doubt, this green haven in Chino Roces Avenue, a quickly evolving fringe address, looks every bit like the emerging ideal.

ASYA Design delivers this 34-story masterpiece that will soon grace the Makati skyline with a facade that mimics the veins of a leaf. Not some pretty but empty shell, this latest project from SMDC promotes well-being and sustainability. Design firm MConcept meanwhile ensures that the same core message flowed throughout the shared spaces. Mint Residences’ elegant entranceway signals exclusivity, while the water feature, art installation and green wall illustrate the balanced life that awaits. MConcept’s work evokes classic Japanese minimalism, set with plants and opulent materials like stones, concrete, wood, metals and art.

The design, taking inspiration from nature, is only the first of four pillars that make a strong case for Mint Residences and its 1,966 units on offer. The second is amenities, curated to encourage activity, curiosity, meditation and connection—features seen to help residents embrace a well-rounded life.

Homeowners can hang out by greens at various lounges or gardens, the most anticipated of which is the Sky Garden. The rooftop garden allows a spectacular 360-degree view of the city. For some calm, residents can visit the reflection room and library. More active dwellers have a pool or gym.

This amenity deck on the fifth floor is the project’s locus. It is 64-percent green space, creatively maximizing the senses—the sight of lush landscapes, the sound of gushing waters, the feel of wood and pebbles. SMDC engages our innate biophilia with help from Belt-Collins, a landscape architectural firm.

“The most notable design elements that we use when we design the Mint Residences are the straight lines and colors. The use of straight lines to achieve continuity of different but connected spaces and the use of warm colors to achieve nice effect with the blue colors of swimming pool and the different shades of greens of lawns and planting,” said Mint Residences landscape designer Carol E. Jingco.

Sustainable features

This new habitat is efficient and eco-friendly—the third pillar. The units, with sizes ranging from 19 sqm to 59 sqm, are laid out for the best use of space. These are flexible to the varying needs and desires of owners, with ample room for storage. To reduce energy consumption and lower living costs, livable spaces welcome natural light and ventilation.

Common areas use energy-saving LED lights. With all the design choices, Mint Residences achieves a low-carbon footprint and provides a reprieve from the metro’s heat island effect.

Premium investment

The final pillar is Mint Residences’ position as a premium investment. It is within the nation’s leading CBD. With a dearth of developable land in the area, the growth is now expanding to other locations of Makati. This makes Chino Roces an exciting area for real estate investment. It’s one of the few locations of this central business district that still has room for development.

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