Home Owner's Primer and House Rules

As a new Owner of a condominium unit, we aim to provide you with only the best amenities and services that a project of this caliber deserves.


This Primer contains information that will help you fully understand what the Corporation is for, and how it can work to serve your best interests. The page also lists down the Unit Owners’ roles and responsibilities to fully explain how your cooperation can help make the development an ideal place to live in.


The Primer also strives to familiarize Unit Owners on their respective obligations and responsibilities as members of the Corporation.


We highly encourage you to read and understand the information provided in this Primer, to have a better grasp of what to expect from the Corporation, and what is expected of you as its member.


I. The Corporation


The Corporation  is a non-stock, non-profit corporation organized for the purpose of managing the Project, holding title to the Common Areas and other activities necessary, incidental, and convenient, to create and maintain a quality living environment.


II. Membership


All registered Unit Owners in the Condominium Project shall automatically be members of the Corporation.  The term “registered Unit Owners” shall apply to the person or entity registered in the unit’s Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT); or the deed of conveyance and/or deed of sale, if the CCT has not been issued; as the Owner.


A registered Unit Owner may designate another person to represent him/her as a member of the Corporation by submitting an original, signed written designation to the Secretary of the Corporation.


For further membership-related details, please refer to the by-laws of the Corporation.


III. Incorporation and Directors


The incorporating directors of the Corporation shall serve as such until the time that unit owners shall be qualified and elected to be directors of the Corporation.


For further details on the Incorporation and Directors of the Corporation, please refer to the Corporation by-laws.



IV. General Membership Meetings and Special Meetings


The General Membership Meeting and Election of the Corporation is usually held on a specific day each year and is clearly stated in the Corporation by-laws.


Special Meetings of the members may be called and convened at any time by the majority of the Board of Trustees and only the matters mentioned in the agenda may be taken up in the meeting.


Notice of time and place of all annual and special meetings shall be provided to all members following the guidelines provided in the Corporation by-laws.


V. Members’ Voting Rights


Each Unit Owner shall have the right to vote in the Corporation. However, Unit Owners that are delinquent in their dues and/or assessments will not be allowed to cast their votes in any of the meetings of the Corporation.


For further membership-related details, please refer to the by-laws of the property.


VI. Board of Directors


The Corporation shall be governed and its affairs managed and directed by a Board of Directors/Trustees. Its composition is clearly defined in the Corporation by-laws. Only members of the Corporation who are not delinquent in their dues and assessments and who were not previously subjected to disciplinary action by the Board of Trustees may vote and be voted for.


For further information on the Board of Directors/Trustees and their functions and powers, please refer to the by-laws of the Corporation.


VII. Property Manager


This is a third party service provider commissioned by the Corporation to manage the property/development. The Property Manager acts in behalf of the Board of Trustees and helps in the proper upkeep of the development.


VIII. Condominium Dues and Other Assessments


Assessments, whether operational, capital, or special, are assessed against the unit and their registered Unit Owners, regardless of whether it is occupied or not. The Corporation through its Board of Directors shall prepare an estimate of the operating expenses of the Corporation and assess it against each member, in order to shoulder the said expenses.



A. Working Capital

The obligation of the Unit Owner to pay the Working Capital shall commence once an owner is deemed to have    accepted his unit. The Working Capital shall be non refundable and this obligation is separate and independent from his obligation to pay for the other Assessments.


B. Regular Assessment (or more commonly known as the “Association Dues”)

This is a regular assessment to cover the estimated monthly operating expenses of the Corporation. These regular expenditures include costs for security and janitorial services, electric and water consumption of the common areas, administrative expenses, and such other recurring common expenses to include taxes and insurance premiums.


C. Special Assessments

These are expenses deemed necessary but is not considered in the regular assessment such as improvement works or beautification  projects approved by the Corporation. This may also include funds necessary to augment deficiency from insurance proceeds, if any.



IX. House Rules and Regulations


Rules governing the proper use, enjoyment or occupancy of the common areas, any Unit, the other properties of the Corporation and other areas devoted to the use or benefit of the Condominium by the Unit Owner, his tenants or lessees.


Should there be any violation of the Master Deed and/or the House Rules and Regulations, the Corporation is empowered to impose liquidated damages, fines, or other penalties to the erring Unit Owner, tenant, or lessee. The Corporation can also suspend the right of the erring Unit Owner, tenant, or lessee to use the Common Areas or any related areas, and suspend and/or disconnect any of the public utility services connected to the Unit.


X. Financial Statements


The Board of Directors/Trustees shall prepare a statement of the financial condition of the Corporation, covering the previous fiscal year, and a consolidated balance sheet of the assets and liabilities of the Corporation. The audited annual financial statement shall be made available to all members of the Corporation.


XI. Regular maintenance that a condominium unit need


A. Grease Traps:


Some kitchen sink drains have been provided with grease traps underneath. This must be maintained by the resident through checking and cleaning by removing accumulated grease/waste food at least once a week. Accumulation of grease/ food waste can be avoided by installing a strainer in your kitchen sink. Cleaning once or twice a month to avoid overflowing and clogging of pipes is recommended.


B. Sink Cabinet:


Check and verify all sink cabinets if they are still in good condition. Make sure that sealants between counter, sink and splash boards are intact to prevent water leaks affecting unit(s) below.


C. Flexible hose:


This can be found connected with your faucets, water heaters, and water closets. Weekly checking for cracks and minor leaks is recommended to be done.


D. Kitchen Exhaust / Range Hoods:


Monthly cleaning of kitchen exhaust / range hood filter is recommended to be done.


E. Air-Conditioning units:


Residents shall keep such device in good appearance and working condition and shall not allow leak/ condensation to accumulate or make noise which disturbs other residents of the building. Air-conditioning drains must be regularly cleaned/de-clogged by the unit owner or resident to prevent clogging and water backflows. Any damage caused by leaks and backflows to the unit and other resident’s units or any other property shall be repaired by the unit owner, resident or tenant concerned.


F. Proper Waste Disposal:


Residents are enjoined to properly dispose wastes, refrain from flushing insoluble materials thru the kitchen sink and toilet bowls. Incidents of sewer backflows and leaks are traced to be caused by flushed items like t-shirt, underwear, accumulated cigarette butts, etc. One’s negligence will affect the entire community and may lead to bigger problems.


The Corporation is in place with the primary objective of making the property/development an ideal place to live in.


More than being a considerable investment, we consider your unit to be your home, which is why we are observing and enacting measures that will ensure that it remains as comfortable and pleasurable as possible.


We are sharing these important pieces of information to enable you to understand and appreciate the value that you may get from actively participating in the Corporation. Similar to a progressive first-world country, the Corporation will assess and collect dues to provide all Unit Owners with only the best services and amenities. In order to have consistent progress, the Corporation needs your full support and cooperation, as it is only with conscious and united effort that it can remain true to its mandate of improving the quality of life in your chosen development/property.


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