3 Reasons Makati is The Best Place to Grow Your Career and Life

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3 Reasons Makati is The Best Place to Grow Your Career and Life

Published By: Dot Property | January 29, 2019

Believe it or not, Makati was established way back in the 17thcentury when a pair of the Philippines’ oldest Catholic Churches were constructed. However, it wasn’t until the late 1940s and early 1950s that the Makati we know and love today started taking shape.

In the decades that followed, Makati was built up and today it now stands alone as the financial, entertainment and lifestyle hub of the Philippines. The city is full of success stories featuring entrepreneurs who built their business empire, established their lives and found their home in this wonderful metropolis.

That legacy continues to this day with the newest wave of tech startups among those carrying on the tradition. And those pioneers can enjoy the best life has to offer by living in the city. Here are three reasons Makati remains the best place to grow your career and life.

Full-scale business hub

Makati has been the financial hub of the Philippines since the 1960s, but there is more to the city than this. Today, it is also the place where creativity and innovation flourish. Traditional office blocks now sit side-by-side with co-working spaces and new ideas and businesses are springing up in Makati every single day. The city was even named as number one in terms of economic dynamism by the National Competitive Council.

If you’re serious about your career, regardless of if you want to work your way up the corporate ladder or plan on fostering the next great idea, Makati is the place it can grow.

Your lifestyle

Work/life balance is important and living in Makati provides you with the opportunity to focus on both. The city is home to some of the most prestigious international schools and hospitals in the Philippines along with plenty of green spaces. Makati also has all types of events throughout the year while some of the cities finest retail centers, restaurants and hotels can be found all around.

Makati offers a vibrant backdrop that will set the stage for the growth of your hopes and dreams.

The story is still being told

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Makati is that it is continuously improving and growing.  For example, several infrastructure projects are in the pipeline that will improve connectivity. Groundbreaking on a subway that will serve the entire district is expected to commence this year. The line will have ten stations and is expected to serve an estimated 700,000 riders daily.

This is supported by several other new public transport initiatives including the EDSA BRT project and PNR expansion. Meanwhile, more new walkways and pedestrian crossings are set for Makati to help residents reduce their reliance on cars.

Red Residences is where you can grow in Makati

While almost five million people make their way to Makati during business hours, the majority of these disperse elsewhere at the end of the day allowing residents of the city to enjoy peaceful evenings and weekends.

Part of this is due to a limited supply and high demand for residential units in Makati. Units in newly launched projects do not last long on the market meaning those who want to live here must act fast.

Red Residences from SMDC is one of the newest condominiums to be launched in the city and it has been tailored for those who want to grow their career and life in Makati. The development is near Ayala Avenue while the lifestyle options that make the city popular can be found nearby.

The amenities also embody the spirit of Makati. There is a zone dedicated to co-working and collaboration; a focus zone with gardens and a lounge; and a fitness area with a swimming pool where you can recharge your batteries.

For decades, people have followed their dreams and watched their career and life grow in Makati. A home in Red Residences provides you with the rare opportunity to do the same.

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