SMDC Gold Reso provides perfect home for the Filipino entrepreneur

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SMDC Gold Reso provides perfect home for the Filipino entrepreneur

Published By: Manila Standard | November 22, 2021

With the Philippine economy seeing better prospects this year, the time has come for the Filipino entrepreneur to shine. And why not? With the pandemic experience, new industries have emerged; the resilient and enterprising Filipinos have found opportunities to turn things around.

That’s good news especially to small business owners or MSMEs, which not only provide a third of the country’s GDP, but also create an additional 5.5 million jobs for the workforce, according to the 2019 data of the Philippine Statistics Authority.

This is where 2020 Property Developer of the Year Awardee SMDC’s innovative Gold Residential-Offices development comes in. Reducing business operating cost while helping improve MSMEs’ competitiveness, SMDC’s second foray into the Residential-Office (Reso) development provides a means to attaining its vision of enabling them and partnering with them in realizing their dream of prosperity.

Inspired by the smooth and lustrous surface of gold bars, this development has a full glass façade capturing an opulent, sleek and powerful stance.

Personal area into 'office zone'

What weighs down many micro or small businesses is the cost associated with office space. For entrepreneurs who are establishing businesses for the first time, Gold Reso is perfectly timed.

Gold Reso offers the opportunity to convert capital otherwise used as extra operating cost to customers into real assets that they will eventually own. In doing so, they can keep the prices of their products and services competitive.

Empowering the Filipino entrepreneur

Gold Reso’s location provides access to the dynamic and progressive city of Parañaque, a leading destination for tourism and entertainment as it is home to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and has a large concentration of casinos, luxury hotels, high-end malls and exclusive residential developments.

With Gold Reso, one can expect the same luxurious lifestyle and generous amenities of an SMDC development that an entrepreneur would need. Take for instance the provision of back-up power to all units to avoid business disruption or downtime. Physical support amenities such as co-work spaces, meeting rooms and function rooms are well in place to cater to the needs of the growing entrepreneur.

Living and doing business at Gold Reso is designed to let both owners and their clients enjoy the complete community experience highlighted by health and wellness amenities, restaurants, state-of-the-art connectivity and an activity courtyard as a venue to discover and nurture one’s next big ideas.

It’s not surprising that those looking for a secondary source of investment income would want to be among the first owners of such a development.

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