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Sarah Geronimo Celebrates Milestones with This 15 Me Tour

Published by: | July 25, 2018

Sarah Geronimo isn’t called the Philippines’ Popstar Royalty for nothing. Since winning television singing contest Star for a Night in 2003, Sarah has released hit after hit, has starred in blockbuster movies and has already held some of the country’s biggest concerts in recent years. Amidst the industry’s ever-changing nature, she has always managed to evolve and advance.

With all the smash records, albums and films under her belt, Sarah shines more than ever after 15 years – thanks to her undeniable talent, and unshakable fans whom she lovingly refers to as her Popsters.

This year, SMDC celebrates Sarah’s career with a special six-city concert tour in the US: This 15 Me.

The sold-out concert kicked off in the Los Angeles Theatre last April 21. Sarah, joined by her fellow artists and friends Mark Bautista and Sam Concepcion, did not disappoint – as per usual. The LA leg was followed by shows at the Pala Casino Spa Resort Event Center on April 22; Pittsburg California Theatre on April 28; Cannery Casino’s The Club in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 29; Copernicus Center, Chicago, Illinois on May 4; and Colden Auditorium, New York last May 6.

Every night was the same line-up of songs and choreography but each one was special in its own way – and we’re sure the Popsters would agree. Sarah kept the crowd singing as she performed her more recent hits like, “Ikot-Ikot” and “Duyan”, as well as beautiful renditions of her classics, “Forever’s Not Enough”, “To Love You More”, and “How Could You Say You Love Me”.

Giving stellar performances, Sarah clearly has found a home on the stage – her presence and prowess were remarkable in every city she graced, as seen on the happy faces of the audience. That said, SMDC is also very happy since Sarah has often expressed that she has found a home and a family in her partnership with SMDC over the years.

It definitely was, and always is, a privilege for SMDC to co-sponsor Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo. This 15 Me is yet another indication of why she is at the top of the list when it comes to today’s performers in the country. After all, a royal always – always, reigns supreme.


Watch Sarah G’s performance in LA, California with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look courtesy of SMDC.


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Take a look at Sarah Geronimo’s rendition of “Ikot-Ikot” in the third leg of her This Is Me US concert tour.


Listen to Sarah Geronimo’s performance of “How Could You Say You Love Me” in the fourth leg of her This Is Me US concert tour.


Check out Sarah Geronimo’s performance of “To Love You More” in the fifth leg of her This Is Me US concert tour.


And take a look at Sarah Geronimo’s rendition of “Forever’s Not Enough” in the sixth leg of her This Is Me US concert tour.