SMDC’s Trees Residences makes the most sense for young real estate investors

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SMDC’s Trees Residences makes the most sense for young real estate investors

Published By: Business Mirror | September 12, 2021

SMDC’s Trees Residences is an 8.3-hectare master-planned community, located in the thriving district of Novaliches, Quezon City.

When buying a condo unit, a prospective buyer often does so for either of two reasons: to live in the unit or to have it rented out. For a large number of those buyers, the purchase is seen more as an investment as they can in turn rent out and earn from the unit, while enjoying the increase in value of the property. This seems to be the case for younger people who are starting to invest in real estate.

“Based on interviews with various brokers, most of the people buying condominium units are between 30-45-years-old,” says Catherine Reformado, Associate Director-Research Division of Leechiu Property Consultants.

“ These are either start up families (first time home buyers) or investors (unit for rentals). There are also younger millennials (below 30-years-old) who are buying for their own use but mostly those within the price range of Php2 million-Php4 million. ”

For the younger millennials who have just entered the workforce, Leechiu’s research indicates that these are generally first time home buyers who are looking for places that are accessible to where they work. Reformado adds, “They want a unit that is near to everything, yet affordable.” Renting out a unit and generating passive income is also an appealing proposition to these buyers according to Reformado.

“There is more market awareness,” she adds regarding this generation of real estate buyers, while noting that they are educated enough to know the importance of 1. investing young, 2. liquidity, and 3. securing one’s future. Reformado points out that, “real estate is just one avenue to increase assets and generate income with sure capital appreciation, that’s why at an early stage in their career they save money to purchase a property.”

Trees Residences’ hotel-styled lobby with custom furnishings provide a warm and stylish welcome to its residents and guests.
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