Strategic investments for Millennials

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Strategic investments for Millennials

Published By: GMA Network | August 26, 2021

Millennials are steadily growing their purchasing power. They are closer than ever in reaching their financial goals. This time, however, they are adding smart investments into their spending spree.

Defined as those born between 1981 and 1996, majority of this generation has already been in the workforce for nearly two decades, with many of them rising to management positions. They may also have begun to raise families, invested in their children’s education, and have chosen venues that they hope would be more conducive for their children.

If you belong to the millennial generation, below are some of the things to consider for your future investments.

Insurance and bonds

The period of time where you let your income just sit still is time wasted. Make your money work hard for you by putting it in these types of investments. Bonds are fixed income securities issued by the government or a private corporation. While mutual funds, on the other hand, are collective investments in the stock market that will earn you dividends.


Have you ever wanted to own a piece of a private business? Then join cooperatives. You will have forced savings good for the rainy days and earn dividends by supporting the products and services of the cooperative.


Besides the money in your savings account, your educational growth is also an asset worth investing in. You will never be at the losing end when you invest in your own skills. There are tons of learning platforms offering master classes on social media management, cooking, and more. Assess what could help you grow personally and financially in the future and dive in to learn.

Real Estate

Start considering investing in properties like residential real estate. With reasonable monthly payments, you can own an asset that appreciates, and you can earn passive income in the long run when you rent it out or flip at a much higher value in the future. Consider its location and amenities, and make sure it is a complete master-planned development.

Glam Residences by SM Development Corporation (SMDC) is an example of a master-planned property. After all, it is right off Quezon City’s emerging central business district (CBD), and is at the heart of all commercial activity in Northern Metro Manila.

The vibrant and bustling location boasts of office towers, shopping malls, hotels, renowned medical centers, and numerous parks. It also has strategic transportation hubs that allow for easy access to Metro Manila’s key areas.

SMDC’s Glam Residences is soon to rise along EDSA in Quezon City.

Glam Residences by SMDC is also only one station away from the unified Grand Central Station, which will soon connect the MRT 3, MRT 7, LRT 1, and the Metro Manila Subway projects. That kind of accessibility and convenience should appeal to anyone looking to expand their horizons for themselves and their family or even those with future investment plans.

On the top-most floor is a sky lounge that offers panoramic views of the pulsating Metro Manila skyline.

Aside from its prime location, Glam Residences offers an upscale high-rise residence that complements the cosmopolitan lifestyles of working millennials. With thoughtfully designed amenities such as a lap pool, jacuzzi, and rooftop lounge and bar, millennials can unwind after a long day at work, considering health protocols, of course.

The bespoke interiors are inspired by Hollywood Glamour and feature a mix of textures such as marble and steel in gold, grey, white, and blue hues.

A children’s pool and play area, an indoor gym, function rooms, and a community mall are also included in the development.

The 5th floor amenity area includes pools surrounded by lush landscaping, a children’s play area, and both indoor and alfresco seating areas.

SMDC Prime Key Leasing offers both long-term and short-term lease options. Owner representation is also available for buyers from outside the country.

Its location and premium amenities, combined with the fact that it is a sound investment opportunity, will undoubtedly make SMDC’s Glam Residences the “it” place among Quezon City properties along EDSA for years to come.

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