Cook Up Something Exciting with These Modern Filipino Dishes

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Cook Up Something Exciting with These Modern Filipino Dishes

January 4, 2019

In this day and age, who isn’t a #foodie? With so many new concept restaurants popping up and unique recipes getting recognition, it’s hard to resist trying out new food experiences. It’s actually a pretty good time for Filipino cuisine. Internationally, more and more are taking interest in Filipino gastronomy. Locally, some of the top food establishments that have been opening in recent years serve fun, flavourful, out-of-the-box food – in true Filipino taste.

We have such an amazing, colourful cuisine which takes influence from different cultures yet very distinct in flavour. What makes our food special in its own way? It’s very much grounded on family, tradition and togetherness.

Cooking is a serious craft but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun with it! Here are some seriously fun Filipino recipes with a twist that you can cook in the condo:

Pulled Pork Adobo Sandwich

Everyone loves a classic adobo; its flavour is very distinct and well-loved by many. So, don’t waste a good dish! Turn your leftover adobo into a Pulled Pork sandwich – something that’ll surely delight Filipino and foreign taste buds alike.

Here’s the recipe: Pulled Pork Adobo Sandwich

Paksiw na Alimango

Now this is an interesting hybrid of flavours: The classic Filipino Paksiw and Crab. Try something new and unconventional like this recipe, without losing the traditional taste you know and love.

Here’s the recipe: Get a Sour Kick with this Paksiw na Alimango Recipe

Fried Green Mangoes with Bagoong

Try this refreshing way to treat a well-loved Pinoy side dish or garnish. Fried Green Mangoes paired with Bagoong is a quick and easy dish that’s simple and familiar, nevertheless, fresh and interesting enough to serve in your next house party.

Here’s the recipe: Green Mangoes and Bagoong

Traditional recipes are always the best, but it’s also nice to try new recipes once in a while. Cook the most creative and delicious food right in your SMDC Grace Residences home!

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