Decorating A Modern Filipino Home

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Decorating A Modern Filipino Home

September 5, 2018

Decorating A Modern Filipino Home

“ We’re giving you decorative ideas that can fit your style and vision for your home – with a Pinoy twist. ”

Whether you’re just about to move into your new condo or you’re thinking of redesigning it, one thing is a must: Start with a vision. There are quite a few design trends now especially for condos, since everyone’s moving into one. A great example is the rise of Filipino-inspired furnishings. Thanks to our very own talents like Kenneth Cobonpue and Budji Layug, Filipino craft and culture is given the limelight in the field of furniture.

Taking inspiration from this, we’re giving you decorative ideas that can fit your style and vision for your home – with a Pinoy twist.

Here’s a list of local materials that can give your home that Filipino flair.

Capiz It Is!

It’s nearly impossible to walk into a place that claims to be Filipino-inspired and not see Capiz shells. This iconic and local material is not only beautiful; it’s also easy to get creative with. Commonly, these shells are used as curtains, centrepieces, or crafted for decorative light fixtures.

All About Abaca

Durability is top priority when constructing a home, but aesthetic is equally as important. We’ve found a beautiful way to marry these two with Abaca.  You can have this in your home as décor (e.g.: coasters, table runners, draping) to give off a traditional homey vibe, or, as it is more commonly used, as furniture. Either way, it’s a material that can bring a lot of character to your home – whatever your vision for it is.

Create with Coconut

The Philippines is abundant in coconuts. So much so in fact, that we’ve thought of a number of ways to incorporate its shell into our homes. This material’s shape is what makes it so fun to create withLightweight, useful and eco-friendly, remember the coconut shell when you want to add a little charm to your home.

These local resources are great for the home, very convenient for condo owners, and not to mention, complementary to the overall look and relaxed ambiance of Vine Residences.

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