Go Eco-friendly With These Condo Design Tips and Life Hacks

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Go Eco-friendly With These Condo Design Tips and Life Hacks

Published By: SMDC.com | February 19, 2019

It’s time to get into a more eco-friendly lifestyle! But since we know it won’t be easy, we suggest you begin with your condo.

Redirect your life to a more environmentally conscious path that’s good for you, too! Here are some practical ways to go green at home:

Use Natural Products

Clean your condo without damaging the environment and compromising your health. You don’t need all those chemicals to have a spotless home; natural products like baking soda, tea tree oil, white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, and lemons can do the trick.

Nature as Furniture

Add more to your condo without wasting so much. When you use greenery to decorate your home, you won’t even need furniture!

Build With Alternative Materials

Choose your furniture and building materials wisely! Things made from bamboo, and recycled wood and metal are a few of the better alternatives you can use from now on for an eco-friendly condo.

Forego Scented Candles

If you want to be a little more eco-conscious, getting rid of scented candles is one step toward becoming that! Lighting a candle can make your room smell good, but it contributes to indoor air pollution at the same time. Switch to using room and linen sprays to get the same fragrant smell and ambiance minus the harm.

An eco-friendly condo is definitely #HomeGoals, especially if it’s SMDC Cheer Residences!

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