Here’s How You Can Pull-off A Condo Noche Buena with The Whole Family

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Here’s How You Can Pull-off A Condo Noche Buena with The Whole Family

December 21, 2018

Christmas is the season where your whole clan, including family who you may not have seen in a long time, spend the holidays with you. And it’s always a fun affair — if you prepare your condo for it!

We know it’s not easy cooking and decorating for a large group, let alone during Christmas! Take note of these Noche Buena hacks for a stress-free and lovely night with good food and even better company:

Edible Centerpiece

In order to make space on the dining area without losing the Christmas flair, try treating your food as table centrepieces as well. Get creative with your appetizers and fruit baskets and use them as your table’s main attraction. So much for dual-purpose!

Mobile Drink and Dessert Bar

You don’t have to fit every food in your Noche Buena on one table. A helpful and interesting way to present your drinks and dessert is by putting them on mobile carts. This makes them easy for anyone in any corner of the room to just grab and enjoy.


Because Noche Buena is a big affair with a lot of food, it’s important to have diffusers around the condo. It won’t only help with the smell, but your choice of essential oil can help with the overall ambiance of your home, too.      

Have a very merry celebration as you welcome family and friends into your SMDC Lush Residences home this Christmas!

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