Have a Tasty Halloween with These Freaky Treats

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Have a Tasty Halloween with These Freaky Treats

October 31, 2018

What makes Halloween one of kids’ favorite time of the year? Trick or Treat! This year, shake things up and surprise the little rascals with unique treat ideas designed by hand and made from the heart! 

Here are three treats you can do yourself and with the kids for the annual Trick or Treat. No candy can come close to just how sweet the smiles on those kids’ faces will be when they get these treats:

Spooky Fingers

Imagine opening your Halloween bag and seeing witch fingers inside – epic! For a more memorable trick or treat, create your very own spooky and sinfully delicious severed fingers!

Edibles in Eyeballs

Give out your treats without leaving out the trick part, with a weirdly awesome homemade packaging: Eyeballs! Fill the eyeballs with treats that are sure to spook kids – in a very, very good way!

Cookie Crawlers

Being creative with your treats this Halloween doesn’t require a lot of ingredients and any complicated recipes. Decorate plain, store-bought cookies into spiders, and let them crawl into your tummies!

Enjoy a fun-filled and stress-free Halloween in your Leaf Residences condo!

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