The Best Way to Decorate Your Condo Is With Good Feng Shui

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The Best Way to Decorate Your Condo Is With Good Feng Shui

Published By: | February 20, 2019

2019 is the Year of the Earth Pig and according to Feng Shui, this year’s design philosophy is: comfort and functionality. With the right combination of colors, textures and elements you can fill your condo with positive energy and your life the same.

Here are some design points you should apply to turn your condo into a space of good fortune:

Neutral Palette

If you’re thinking of recoloring your condo, explore doing a predominantly neutral palette. Avoid loud shades; instead go for a good mix of pastel in the shades of yellow, gold, brown to pink and maroon to light gray.

Crafty Interior

Because 2019 is all about comfort and functionality in design, we encourage you to get crafty and personalize your condo with do-it-yourself interior décor.

Natural Materials

It is said that pigs live simple lives. And so, this year, it’s important to incorporate that to how you decorate your condo with materials like brick, wood and natural stone in order to attract good fortune in 2019.

Earthy Elements

When people walk into your condo, the goal is to make them feel comfortable and optimistic. Achieve that by designing with earthy elements like houseplants, décor with water features and natural textures.

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