Infra to allow better connectivity, boost value of SMDC’s Spring Residences

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A chorus of stakeholders lauded when the new administration vowed to continue the “Build, Build, Build” (BBB) program of the previous leadership.

Such a decision bodes well for real estate, Colliers Philippines would agree. Reacting to an assurance in May by former Transport Secretary Arthur Tugade that the Metro Manila Subway (MMS) would continue, the firm said in a Market Intelligence report that projects like that did a good job of “raising land and property values in locations near the subway’s stations.”

In a more recent analysis, it lauded the increased spending on two railway projects, among others, noting: “In our view, the implementation of big-ticket infrastructure projects such as railways, expressways and airports should boost property development and support capital appreciation…”

Strategic Location

Train in the statuion with a woman waiting

Hoping to ride the boom, real estate developers have launched projects or secured new landbank near upcoming hubs. When commuters travel along the areas where these BBB projects are getting access points, like stations for railway projects, they notice the transformation.

Nowadays, many builders harp on the strategic location of their developments, trumpeting how close they are to the government’s big-ticket projects. Some of them lie, their buyers soon find out.

That is never the case for SM Development Corp. (SMDC), a developer touted for an extensive inventory of integrated and master-planned properties epitomizing what a central location is.


Hyper Connected Residences

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SMDC has built hyperconnected residences inside key corridors, privileging end-users with unprecedented access and investors with boundless returns. Delivering Spring Residences to the market only cements its reputation.

This four-tower development along West Service Road, Parañaque City, is already central as it is. Aside from being neighbors with SM City Bicutan that’s “got it all for you,” it is one exit away from several major central business districts from the Bay Area to Alabang. A short drive puts you on elevated expressways like Skyway.

Spring Residences will comfortably claim the title of the most connected community in the south of Metro Manila once railway projects under BBB begin running. The Philippine National Railways’ (PNR) Bicutan station is walkable, taking you from Manila to Calamba. When the PNR gets its much-need upgrade and the rest of the North-South Commuter Railway is finished, you may alight as far north as Tarlac.

Bicutan will also be one stop of the 36-km MMS, set to operate in 2027. When the Manila Metro Rail Network is realized, granting commuters their dream of an integrated railway system, Bicutan will host a common station shared by the MMS and PNR—one of only 11.

Connectedness is no small matter, that’s why BBB has turned many corners of Mega Manila from sleepy quarters to investment hotspots.

Benefits of a Hyperconnected City

First and foremost, proximity to hubs and routes decreases people’s time in traffic gridlocks. That alone drastically improves the quality of life. The time one saves can go to much healthier and much more fulfilling things. At Spring Residences, you can spend more quality time with your family. Since everything is reachable in 15 minutes by foot and without having to worry about your safety and security, you could just walk, jog or cycle to them.

Especially with gas prices through the roof, having the option of active transportation or using public transport instead of driving a private vehicle will lead to immense savings–money for needs or for investments perhaps.

above ground train station

That you aren’t burning those fossil fuels also means you are participating in the global sustainability project by reducing your carbon footprint. Your lifestyle would be more tenable, with time and headspace unlocked for personal advancement or relaxation. You will be propped up to afford that direction, as well, what with Spring Residences so close to employment and investment opportunities.

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Finally, Spring Residences will be a gift to oneself well-positioned to keep on giving. As inflation soars, you possess an asset widely recognized as a hedge for your money’s value. If you want passive income, this will be an irresistible offer to a wide market; one with great potential to fetch higher rental rates.

Just looking at SMDC’s portfolio of fine residences heralding that desirable “integrated mall lifestyle,” you already have a guarantee of capital appreciation. What more with this offering that promises—much more than standard accessibility—interconnectedness to infrastructure projects and the bright future they herald.

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Spring Residences truly celebrates new, lush beginnings.