Raising good guys of her own

Motherhood is both an exciting and challenging journey. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, moms like SMDC Trees Residences homeowner, Mardie Gonzales, couldn’t help but get teary-eyed as she looks back on her journey as a first-time mom.

As a work-at-home web developer, Mardie has been creating and managing websites for more than 10 years now. But being a mom during a pandemic posed different challenges and came with many overwhelming feelings—and silver linings too.

When Mardie and her husband moved to SMDC Trees in February 2020, she was already six months pregnant. “The isolation can be a bit unbearable, given that I was pregnant and about to give birth when we moved here. But thankfully, the community that SMDC built has helped me cope with these emotions and navigate motherhood as seamlessly as possible,” said Mardie.

“The first time we set foot here, I fell in love because it is quiet and beautiful—more like a resort. And who doesn’t want to live in a resort every day, right?” she added.

As a brand that takes pride in delivering so much more for its residents, SMDC continues to create happy, healthy, and safe communities, leading to a conducive living environment where one can thrive and flourish. With its premium amenities that allow connectedness and a sense of community; the accessibility of their properties to allow the residents to have more time for things that are most important to them; and the investment opportunities that their properties create, SMDC has everything that the starting families are looking for.

“It’s a very good place to raise your kids. It is quiet and has open spaces where your little ones can run. Not to mention, the community is secure. There are a lot of opportunities for you to raise a good kid in this community,” she furthered.

Building a sustainable future for the next ge

More than just providing for the needs of the members of their communities, SMDC also advocates for sustainability to mitigate the effects of rapid urbanization. It is evident in how they incorporate thoughtful design and construction processes and an efficient local supply chain in all their residential developments.

SMDC brings forward-looking approaches to design and development so they can offer so much more and continue to provide access to modern urban living. They continue to breathe life in their properties by ensuring that nature and modern city living are closely integrated to give their residents a better quality of life. For example, SMDC allocates a significant percentage of its developments to open spaces that give way to pocket gardens, safe play areas for children, amenities for health and wellness, and areas that promote a sense of community among its residents.

A good place to raise a good guy

Mardie and her husband are confident that they can indeed raise a good guy of their own at SMDC. Being first-time parents to a cute one-year-old child, they have more time to spend with her now that they have everything within their reach living in SMDC.

“Living for more than a year now here at SMDC Trees Residences, we’ve had the chance to bond and get a rhythm going as a new family of three. I’m loving the snuggle times and have embraced that becoming parents amid the pandemic can be rewarding as well. This is something that my husband and I are going to always cherish,” Mardie closed.